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Welcome at Hectronic.

Intelligent products from Hectronic stand for innovation in parking and refuelling technology -
from the single product to the complete solution.


03.03.2015 | Hectronic takes over Baden-Württembergs state capital Stuttgart



We are proud to announce that Hectronic won the bid from the state capital Stuttgart on 13 February 2015. It is agreed to equip Stuttgart with additional 1,050 parking ticket vending machines in total over the next 3 years....

02.03.2015 | Strong appearance at AutoZum



Hectronic‘s Austrian subsidiary, EDV-SOS, provided around 23,000 visitors to the Salzburg trade fair with comprehensive information about the latest and intelligent system solutions in fuelling technology from 21 to 24 January...

28.01.2015 | Successful Hectronic workshop at the UNITI Cards and Automation Forum



On 14 and 15 January 2015, the two-day forum, held at the Grand Elysée Hotel in Hamburg, informed participants of the processes of change in European payment transaction, and the impacts on the petrol station business. The...

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