Hectronic wins tender in Aachen

At the end of last year, we were able to celebrate a great contract from Aachen just in time for the Christmas season – a sort of early Christmas present. A total of 110 parking ticket machines by the Citea brand will soon adorn the cityscape of Aachen. The city is known for its rich history dating back to Neolithic times and its associated cultural, archaeological and architectural heritage. The Aachen Cathedral is the symbol of the city. All 110 Citea parking ticket machines, which have already been delivered to Aachen, have P4 safety certification. Maybe you remember? We reported about it in the last edition of HecNews (06/2016). The Vds P4 certification is currently the highest level of security a parking ticket machine can reach. Apart from us, there are only a few competitors who can boast this label. The supplied parking ticket machines will be installed shortly, and once they are, we’ll be looking forward to getting a first look at them in Aachen.