Mobile Payment Solutions from Hectronic Convince for the Digital Petrol Station

Quick and easy authorization of the fuelling process and convenient payment from the vehicle – this is no longer a vision of the future. The number of users of mobile payment systems is continuously growing, while both oil companies and petrol station operators are getting ready for the digital future and increasingly invest into mobile payment solutions. With its independently working unit “Digital Solutions” Hectronic GmbH places great emphasis on the topic mobile payment and is a competent partner of the petrol station industry with its 360°-solution. The smart software solutions and payment apps complement the proven hardware components such as fuel terminals and cash register systems.

Hectronic’s mobile white-label payment solution easy2fuel makes physical fuel cards redundant and accelerates the authorization and fuelling process. More than 300 petrol stations are already connected to the mobile payment platform, among them large petrol station networks such as BayWa, the Swiss company Energie 360° and Unser Lagerhaus in Austria. The easy user guidance intuitively leads the user through the authorization process. After one-time registration the user is suggested the suitable petrol station and the respective fuel pump can be selected. Next, the user authorizes for the fuelling process by PIN or fingerprint. The mileage can also be recorded with every fuelling process, either by hand or by smartphone camera. At unmanned petrol stations it is possible to resume the trip immediately upon refuelling the vehicle as the payment is conveniently made from the car via app. At classic full service petrol stations the customer can first stroll through the shop as usual and then make the payment at the cash desk by means of a QR-Code displayed in the app. The petrol receipts are digitally archived by the app and can be seen at any time. By means of the brand-new individual price management price advantages can be be stored individually for each user and a defined period of time. The news register of the app is also new. Here the petrol station operator can provide information for the user, and by targeted push news they are comprehensively informed about promotions and news in real time.

In addition to the classic mobile payment via app Hectronic as an active player and pioneer in this area also offers an in-car-payment solution. In cooperation with the Berlin start-up ZF Car eWallet and their product “Integrated Fueling” new technologies are integrated into the existing infrastructure via standardized inferfaces. The result is a major gain in functions and convenience for all people concerned: Among other things, the comparison of fuelling and vehicle data can detect fraud in real time. For forwarders and telematics service providers “Integrated Fueling” offers a completely new user experience and new possibilities by its approach of complete integration into existing software systems. For the truck driver the cockpit further develops into a control centre: He (or she) can handle the fuelling process directly from the vehicle: safe, automated and independent of the manufacturer.