Our Responsibility

EcoDesign - Intelligent Use of Resources.

EcoDesign / Sustainability

Hectronic's production facility is in the South of Germany, located in the unspoiled landscape of the Black Forest. The reason for our responsible approach is the close connection to our homeland. Over the years, the protection and preservation of the environment has become an essential part of our value-added process. With an innovative use of the available resources, we want to continue to provide the highest possible benefit to our clients.

We consider the complete product life cycle – from the extraction of raw materials to production and distribution to usage and recycling.

In order to optimize our products and processes, we continuously undergo energy audits. This results in a mindset that shapes our actions for the future!


10 Years of EcoDesign –
A Review

As a result of the EcoDesign concept, we have been able to reduce heating oil consumption by 30 % and water consumption by 6.5 % in the last ten years. In the same period, we doubled sales and extended the production area by 20 %!

Our products also offer opportunities for ecological and economic savings:

  • By using high-quality materials, we achieve recycling rates for our products of  97% to 100%

  • Devices with solar operation

  • Paper savings through cashless payments and smaller paper tickets

  • Reduction of coin collection and maintenance calls through our intelligent software solutions

  • Reduction of unnecessary traffic by linking our camera system to traffic guidance systems