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Payment and authorization solutions for e-mobility

User-friendly & future-proof

Are you searching for customer-oriented payment solutions for charging stations that are both cost-effective and compliant with legal requirements? We have the answer to this question. Our solutions stand out for their integration of common payment methods such as giro, debit and credit cards, as well as the incorporation of existing authorization tools (e.g., employee badges, fleet cards). This ensures that your charging infrastructure operates without payment hurdles – particularly crucial considering the German Charging Stations Ordinance and the EU AFIR regulation.

With online payment processing, credit card routing, mobile payment, backend management, and high-end payment terminals, we offer a comprehensive package for e-mobility payment systems. Naturally, our solutions comply with German calibration laws for transparent and kWh-precise billing. Through our payment solutions, we build trust and promote consumer acceptance of the mobility transition.


Company Filling Stations

New installations, retrofitting and adapting systems to existing identification options for both electricity and fuels – we do everything we can to simplify the installation and expansion of charging infrastructure.

Hectronic E-Mobility - Company Filling Stations
Public Filling Stations

Authorization of refuelling and charging processes with our terminals and software solutions around the clock. Easy integration into the filling station infrastructure makes our solutions a win-win for operators and users.

Hectronic E-Mobility - Public Filling Stations
Public Charging

A central payment terminal for the payment and authorization of charging transactions: reduce your costs and fixed fees with our economic solution for public charging infrastructures. It is compatible with all conventional payment methods.

Hectronic E-Mobility - Public Parking Spaces
Charger Manufacturers

Optimize charger manufacturing costs and reduce production times with our central payment terminal. The system includes multiple payment options in line with charging regulations.

Hectronic E-Mobility - Chargepoint Manufacturers


World's largest charging park

Merklingen replaces Shenzhen as the world's largest charging park. 259 electric cars can be charged at the same time - and our solutions take care of the payment process! The search was on for a future-proof and user-friendly concept that takes into account not only current but also future regulatory requirements. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this flagship project with our solutions.


Our solution

  • Measurement and billing of the electricity consumed in compliance with calibration law
  • The charging process is shown exactly in kilowatt hours - for maximum transparency for consumers
  • Charging can be conveniently authorized at three of our central payment terminals
  • Payment with common payment methods (girocard, debit and credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Roaming services and charging apps are of course also offered
  • Flexible integration of our terminals into the charging infrastructure and compatibility with charging stations
  • Connection to the backend system of SMART/LAB Innovationsgesellschaft mbH
Solution for S+S Regeltechnik charging park

Together with our specialist retail partner ght from Bavaria, we are pleased to announce the successful implementation of a semi-public charging station at our customer S+S Regeltechnik GmbH in Nuremberg. The aim was to supply the company's own fleet and also to offer visitors an uncomplicated charging option. Employees of the neighboring company should also be able to use the charging station without registration or prior notification.

Heiko Linke, Managing Director of S+S Regeltechnik, and Viktor Dewald are impressed with the implemented solution: "The concept, consisting of charging stations and a payment terminal in our company parking lot, is perfectly tailored to our needs.  It offers all common payment solutions and the billing process in the background is simple. That's a real benefit for users and for us as operators!"

The innovative charging infrastructure is the result of the interaction between Hectronic solutions and proven third-party systems:

  • Our HecPay terminal with acceptance of EC, debit and credit cards as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay and VPay
  • Use of HecNet for payment processing of EC and debit cards
  • Transfer of credit card payments to external payment service providers
  • HecCharge backend management as a cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Connection of four charging points (model of the customer's choice)

The advantages for S+S Regeltechnik as a charge point operator (CPO)

  • Streamlined accounting process
  • Completion of the transaction with payment process and digital receipt directly at the HecPay terminal
  • Total amount is transferred to the CPO account on a monthly basis
  • Verification of charging customers through pre-authorization before charging begins
  • Free pricing
  • Flexible receipt adjustment and evaluations via the HecCharge cloud solution

We are proud to be part of this project, which sends a strong signal for sustainable mobility. Many thanks to our customer S+S Regeltechnik and the contractor ght for their excellent and close cooperation during planning and commissioning!

Payment and authorization solution for Dunkermotoren charging park

Charging stations in company parking lots require flexible payment and authorization options - especially if the charging infrastructure is made available to the public. We have developed a solution architecture for this challenge and are delighted that our system is also being used in the charging park of the neighboring company Dunkermotoren.

Dunkermotoren makes eight charging points available to the public, employees and visitors. Payment for charging processes is made very simply by debit and credit card at our terminal - and is therefore in line with existing and upcoming regulatory requirements. Neither memberships nor special apps are required to start the charging process. In addition to the publicly accessible charging park, there are four further charging points for company and pool vehicles on the parking deck. Here, too, Hectronic handles the necessary authorization.

With the implemented charging infrastructure, Dunkermotoren is making a major contribution to the mobility transition - a large part of the electricity comes from the company's own photovoltaic system! We are proud to be able to contribute to the success of the project with our payment and authorization solutions.


Authorization solution for company vehicles

You can rely on Gatra AG for all your transportation needs for over 50 years. Gatra moves and lifts everything in and around Zurich! But the company is also moving in the right direction when it comes to the environment:
In October 2023, a  fast charging station with 120KW charging power was put into operation. The charging station is currently only intended for company vehicles. These can easily authorize themselves via a batch at the Hectronic pay station HecTron. The data is stored centrally in Hectronic's own HecCharge backend and can then be analyzed in the HecPoll management software.

Hassle-free payment solution for customer and employee parking spaces

VR-Bankverein Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg eG is consistently committed to promoting electromobility and currently offers charging facilities to members, customers and employees at four locations!

In cooperation with Hectronic Vertriebs- und Service GmbH VSG, five of our HecPay payment terminals have been installed, enabling customer-friendly payment for charging processes without unnecessary hurdles. Payments can be made easily with giro, debit and credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Three HecPay terminals, each with two charging points, are available at the bank branches in Rotenburg, Oberaula and Gerstungen. In the B&B hotel parking garage in Bad Hersfeld, two HecPay terminals process payments from a total of eight charging points.

Further projects with Hectronic are being planned. The VR-Bankverein Group is a pioneer in the field of electromobility and is setting new standards for user-oriented services and sustainable business!

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