Digitize your filling station‘s payment processes and offer your customers a mobile payment option for their fuel, credit and debit cards. Simple, fast and contactless payment - even directly at the pump if desired. As an authorization system for fleets, easy2fuel offers numerous useful functions, e.g. the automatic transmission of additional vehicle data such as mileage or tank content.

No matter whether an individually designed fuel app, the activation of external payment providers or automatic vehicle and driver recognition: All modules and functions can be individually combined at any time. You only pay for what you want to use.

Data Sheet: easy2fuel (491 KB)

Advantages for filling station operators and customers

  • Your station or fuel card becomes an app
  • Direct payment at the pump from the car is possible
  • Fast refuelling – short downtimes
  • Individual choice of payment method (station, fleet and credit cards)
  • Costs for physical fuel cards can be eliminatedy
  • Digital receipts – including history and forwarding function
  • Modern image through innovative payment options
  • Easy login via fingerprint authorization
  • Expanded customer base through mobile payment across networks
  • Filling station finder with price display

Management-Plattform ConSy

The intuitive and web-based management platform ConSy is the interface for the user and rights administration. ConSy keeps you updated about transactions around the clock, provides overviews and evaluations and archives transactions.

easy2fuel – one solution, many possibilities.
The modules at a glance:

  • Module "Customer Design"
    We provide the function – you determine the design. The app allows to individualize the look & feel, for example by designing the splash screen, the colors and the app icon.
  • Module "Mobile Commerce"
    easy2fuel paves the way for mobile payment options: From fuel card to credit and debit cards. Common providers are already integrated and can be selected and activated. Several cards per user can be saved.
  • Module "Third Party"
    You want to integrate further digital solutions? No problem. The mobile payment platform is well-prepared. With the module „Third Party“ you activate the required interfaces.
  • Module "Check"
    Always everything in view: The tank content measurement compares the amount of fuel supplied with the additional tank content. Deviations are notified without delay. After idle times of the vehicle, the tank is monitored, and an alarm is triggered in case of fuel loss. With the module “Check” the fuel statements are easy to review.
  • Module "AVR"
    The module AVR (Automatic Vehicle Recognition) allows effective protection against fuel loss and abuse while important vehicle data are being transferred. PetroPoint ensures fuelling with highest comfort and security.
  • Module "Fuel Cards"
    Digitize the station and fleet cards of your regular customers and offer your customers greater comfort and user-friendliness.
  • Module "Multiple Cards"
    With this module, an app user can be assigned several fuel cards. Before each fuelling process, the users select their cards resp. vehicles. A clear presentation within the app allows for easiest operation.
  • Module "Alternative Fuels"
    Interesting for operators of filling stations with alternative fuels: The payment and authorization process is extended according to the legal regulations.
  • Module "eReady"
    Allows to connect to the roaming platforms of the charging point providers. With this module, you gain access to all common charging points and can not only activate refuelling processes but also charging processes via smartphone.

A special plus for you as an operator of a fleet filling station.

  • Low investment costs and fast availability
  • Reduction of incorrect entries
  • Preventive protection against fuel theft
  • Comparison of refuelling data
  • No misfuelling possible
  • Tank allocation for several tanks per vehicle