Accept all common cashless means of payment at your charging infrastructure, fuel terminals or in your filling station shop. Our network operation HecNet provides for the secure processing of debit and credit cards. No matter which means of payment is being used; you can trust that your sales are credited to your account.

In the background, HecNet controls and ensures the payment flow between the parties involved such as the bank of the card user, the acquirer and the computing center.

Central Administration

HecNet takes over the central administration and monitors the complete processing at your payment terminals or fuel terminals. HecNet offers you the optimum overall solution for card settlement: Transparent, reliable, from one source.

Data Sheet: HecNet (404 KB)

Your Benefits

  • Transparent and reliable payment processing at charging infrastructures, fuel terminals as well as in service station shops
  • Personal service and individual advice - all from one source
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: Support hotline for commercial and technical matters
  • Transparent fee settlement - no hidden costs
  • PCI 5.x- and EMV L2-certified terminals
  • Summary credit notes minimize your bank fees

Functional Principle

  1. Before the refuelling, a creditworthiness check of the card user concerning the pre-defined maximum amount is performed.
  2. Upon successful authorization by the bank issuing the card, the charging point / fuel pump is activated for recharging / refuelling.
  3. When the charging / fuelling process is finished, the amount charged / refuelled is compared to the amount reserved in advance.
  4. Finally, the required partial cancellation is registered.