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Hectronic - Public Filling Stations

Customized Solutions for Your 24h Filling Station

Filling Station Management – let it run by itself

With our expertise and complete solutions, we can help you set up the ideal petrol station management system for your business. We can also extend an existing system to improve your current operations.  Our solutions from the areas Management, Payment / Authorization and Monioring cover the whole spectrum and can be easily combined, integrated and scaled. The smart software solutions complement quality hardware components and offer new ways of improving economic efficiency and user-friendliness.


Refuelling & Charging

Systems with a proven track record that combine with innovative solutions for mobile payment and e-mobility. Your 24-hour filling stations can rely on our solutions!

Hectronic Public Filling Stations - Refuelling & Charging


Hydrogen Filling Stations

Stay ahead of the game and use our solutions to implement alternative fuels at your sites. We can manage a mixed offering, conventional fuels and electricity. Most filling stations providing alternative fuels in Germany already use our services.

Hectronic Public Filling Stations - Hydrogen Filling Stations
Car Wash Control

Our solution for automatic and self-service public car washes, including multiple payment options – mobile, contactless, scanner and card.

Hectronic Public Filling Stations - Car Wash Control



AGROLA AG, operator of the second largest fuel retail network in Switzerland, is known for the innovative services it provides to the customers. We are proud to be part of the modernization journey of the AGROLA network.

Our solution

  • Flexible connection to the existing dispensers and point-of-sale systems
  • The HecStar Fuel Terminal – approx. 350 terminals will be installed by mid-2022
  • Flexible payment options – debit and credit cards, cash and the AGROLA loyalty card
  • Management and online authorization of more than 180,000 cards
  • HecPoll Management Software and PetroLine Monitoring Software
  • Real-time monitoring of all terminals

Located in the ski paradise of Valais, 31 filling stations of Swiss oil company Combustia were recently equipped with our fuel terminals. It took just two months for the installation of a Hectronic software package and the connection to the interface of the existing payment system.

Our solution

  • HecStar Fuel Terminals
  • The integrated credit card terminal with a large screen and NFC technology accepts credit cards and Combustia RFID loyalty cards
  • Monitoring of the terminals around the clock using a tablet, smartphone or laptop in real time via the PetroLine Monitoring Software
  • Definition, evaluation and analysis of data via HecPoll
ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)

ADNOC wanted to have a smart self-service filling station in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Together with our sales partner, Hectronic supplied an intelligent AVR system to support this project.

Our solution

  • PetroPoint Monitoring Software
  • Solutions for 360 filling stations
  • 10,000 nozzle units were installed
  • Over 350,000 vehicles in the period from 2014 - 2018

The Austrian energy supplier with 24 unmanned filling stations wanted to allow private and commercial customers to pay for fuel at the pump using an app. The app should especially appeal to younger generations.

Our solution

  • The easy2fuel Mobile Payment Platform integrates fuel, debit and credit cards into the smartphone
  • The desired payment option can also be selected without registration
  • Digital billing record – collective invoices can be categorized in different intervals
  • Possibility to send push notifications to users and inform them about news and marketing campaigns (e. g. discounts)

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