AS24 relies on the new HecFleet generation

Proven design meets new Technology.

Following the last installation of the HecFleet 44 in spring of this year, the HecFleet NT has now finally replaced its predecessor model. The new fleet generation combines the design of the HecFleet 44 with the technology of the new NT series. Thanks to a faster and more modern processor, the authorisation speed has been significantly increased. What is more, the HecFleet NT comes with new specific functions. These advantages equally impressed our longstanding partner AS24 in a successful pilot phase at the end of last year. The company AS24, a subsidiary of Total France, specialises in the on-the-road fuelling of freight forwarders. As a leading fuel card provider, the company boasts a filling station network of 800 stations in 28 European countries. Such an extensive network has to successively keep up-to-date with the latest technology, which is why currently around 50 HecFleet 44 fuel terminals have been converted to the HecFleet NT. These are initially concentrated at the stations in Europe that are very frequently visited and thus have strong sales. AS24 very much welcomes this update because the shorter authorisation times allow a higher vehicle throughput, which inevitably leads to a better customer satisfaction.