Authorize refueling sessions with LNG

Effortless payment for LNG refueling! Our HecVision terminal now facilitates the payment and authorization process at a new LNG refueling station owned by the company Knauber. The particular challenge was complying with safety regulations regarding refueling with LNG. Therefore, we have developed a specialized authorization and payment process that is controlled through video-assisted user guidance on the 10.4-inch touch display. After reviewing safety instructions, truck drivers can confirm by fingerprint on the display that they have undergone the necessary mandatory safety training for LNG.

The vehicle selection is also part of the authorization process, as the temperature and pressure required for refueling depend on the commercial vehicle's manufacturer. Through the interface between the terminal and the facility control system, the LNG facility knows how to refuel the corresponding truck model after entering this information into the HecVision. Of course, payment can also be made with a fuel card at the HecVision – 8 providers will be available soon.

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