Payment solution for hydrogen stations

Our payment terminal HecStar is now part of one of the most powerful H2 gas stations in Europe. In Schötz (Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland), three trucks and one car can now be refueled simultaneously with green hydrogen. The hydrogen refueling station is thus a pioneering hub for sustainable logistics and mobility in Switzerland as well as for Europe-wide transit traffic. Our experts in alternative fuels believe that hydrogen will play a major role in the future logistics sector. We want to support this development towards environmentally friendly freight transport with our solutions.

The HecStar payment terminal connects the H2 terminals of the AGROLA station with the existing cash register system. Payment can be made at the terminal simply using debit and credit cards as well as banknotes and AGROLA customer cards. This allows for payment of hydrogen refueling just like for conventional refueling. Our mission is to provide the simplest possible payment solution for all energy sources!