Citea Touch for Munich

In Munich, the new generation of Citea Touch parking machines is now in use. The orientation of the touch display in portrait format and the handling are reminiscent of a smartphone; payment can be made in the classic way with coins, but cashless payment options via mobile payment and credit cards as well as the Girocard, which is particularly attractive for cities, can also be enabled. The Citea also comes up with a functionality that makes it much easier for cities and municipalities to manage their parking machines!

Until now, changing parking tariffs often involved a lot of effort - parking machines had to be approached individually and paper tariff signs had to be exchanged. This is now a thing of the past: changing the tariff at the Citea is a simple click away from the office. This is made possible by the Citea's collaboration with our CityLine management platform, which offers numerous digital functions.

We are therefore all the more pleased that the Civil Engineering Department of the City of Munich has opted for a future-proof digital parking machine. Approximately 200 Citea T parking machines are currently being installed in Munich. With a total of approx. 1,650 machines, Munich will thus become another Citea T stronghold!