Citea vs. CiteaMax

Exciting pilot project in Poland

Two Hectronic models are currently competing for the attention of car park users in Warsaw. In other words, it is Citea versus CiteaMax, or cash versus card. This “duel” was initiated by EuroPark Sp. z o.o., which is a Polish company. EuroPark has its headquarters in Warsaw and manages a number of car parks in several major cities, including Gdansk and Krakow. Several Citea parking ticket machines with a cash payment function are already in operation at these car parks. Due to the growing popularity of cashless payments, EuroPark is now looking for a suitable and easy-to-implement solution in this area. The latest CiteaMax terminals offered by our Polish branch office represent a new generation of high-quality technological solutions enabling cashless payments to be made. Thanks to its attractive and modern design, the CiteaMax is a real eye-catcher. In other words, car park users are currently spoilt for choice. The pilot phase will continue until the end of the year and will be followed by an evaluation process to determine which terminal, and therefore which mode of payment, is the most popular. We are excited to see what the outcome will be.