Citea – Yearly record surpassed!

Never have so many parking ticket machines been sold in one year in the history of Hectronic as in 2017. Various projects and many customers contributed to that result. That includes orders from one to several hundred units. The list of customers includes for instance the German cities of Aachen, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin. On top of that, many bids were also won beyond the borders. That includes Graz in Austria, Schearbeek and Uccle in Belgium and the French cities of Beauvais and St. Denis. Also worth mentioning: The delivery of gentian blue Citeas to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

Operations Manager Eckhard Fechtig was also especially pleased with this record year. “The order situation allowed us smooth production throughout the entire year. To be able to handle the orders on-schedule, the manpower had to be substantially adapted at times. Moreover, subcontractors also reached the limit of their capacities. Challenges that in retrospect we successfully mastered.”