City bus operator SPPK counts on Hectronic once again

16 years of cooperation have proven its worth.

Already in 2001, Hectronic Poland was working together with the SPPK bus operator of the City of Police. Back then the entire company filling station was equipped with the first TA2331-version fuel terminals. So far, over 400,000 tanking operations and 30 million litres of fuel have been handled by the terminals.

But even though it was considered one of the most cutting-edge tank systems in Poland, it has meanwhile become a bit outdated. So the customer decided to replace the existing fuel terminals along with the pump dispensers and adapt to the latest state of the art. Since the TA2331 has more than proven itself in past years, Hectronic was asked to take care of the modernisation of the filling station 16 years later. The terminal pump dispenser HecPump was chosen, which is the “2-in-1-solution” from Hectronic. Decisive for this was the facility to authenticate and fill the vehicles with only one device and be able to connect to the PetroPoint automatic vehicle detection which was prepared in advance.

With the latest fuelling system, the company is taking a giant step towards forward-looking fuel management.