Complete petrol station retrofitting by Hectronic Austria

Hectronic Austria offers individual solutions for petrol stations from individual retailers to branch networks. In this context in particular, the branch in Austria is considered to be a specialist in the field of POS systems. The existing POS system and the fuel terminal of the car dealer Radlsbeck in Aldersbach was recently replaced by Hectronic products. The POS system HecPos was used in combination with the inventory management system Wawi. A platform, with which the customer can regulate and automate his business processes. Thanks to the modular structure, a direct data transfer is also made possible to the customer’s financial accounting programme. Further additional modules are possible. The retrofit was complemented by the fuel terminal HecStar. Car dealer Radlsbeck praised in particular the short conversion phase of only 2.5 days, where regular service was only minimally affected.