Connection to electric charging station – HecFleet NT revs up at Continental

These days, people’s environment-conscious thinking is changing all the time: „thinking today about
tomorrow“, „energy saving“, „being sustainable“ – terms that we see every day. It is therefore no wonder
that electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important and the public charging stations
are gradually increasing in number. Hectronic has responded to this development and implemented
the so-called „Open Charge Point Protocol“ (OCPP) in its HecFleet NT and HecStar Fleet NT fuel terminals. The OCP protocol applies throughout Europe and represents a standard in the communication between charging stations for electric cars and central management systems.

As of now, our terminals are able to communicate with the electric charging stations and thereby trigger the charging operation.
To this end, an initial customer project has already been implemented. The HecFleet NT will be used
in combination with an electric charging Station supplied by ABB. What’s special: The charging station
is located at the Contidrom of Continental AG, one of the most modern test routes in the world.