Customized Petrol Station Management AGROLA counts on the fuel terminal HecStar from Hectronic

Consistent use of state-of-the-art technology, offering high-quality service in order to perfectly meet customer requirements and efficient operation. These are the essential challenges modern medium-sized petrol stations face. In this context it is decisive to skilfully meet the relevant market requirements – ideally with the existing infrastructure. With the second largest petrol station network in Switzerland the AGROLA AG which belongs to the fenaco group is a pioneer when it comes to innovative and digital solutions for their customers. For the planned substitution of fuel terminals within the framework of the project “Tankstelle 2020” Hectronic’s solution could assert itself.

This major contract could primarily be won on grounds of the customized and functionally convincing overall solution. Upon termination of the negotiations in late September 2019 AGROLA placed the order to equip appr. 350 petrol stations with fuel terminal of the latest generation. “Ultimately it was a combination of the pragmatic solution approaches, the long-term experience in machine construction and the innovative force in software development which has convinced us of Hectronic’s solutions”, explains Daniel Dullnig, Project Leader IT of AGROLA AG

Conversion of Petrol Stations by the End of 2021
By the end of 2021, the appr. 225 unmanned 24h petrol stations and further 115 classic shop petrol stations will step by step be equipped with the fuel terminal HecStar. For this project the Hectronic AG based in Brugg (Switzerland) works hand in hand with the Hectronic headquarters in Bonndorf in the Black Forest (Germany). HecStar undertakes the payment and authorization processes at the fuel pump in a reliable and user-friendly way, guiding the customer clearly through the individual operating steps so that the refuelling can be completed quickly and conveniently. The flexible connection of the fuel terminal to the existing fuel pump system is a further advantage. The existing Bison cash register system can also be connected easily by an individually programmed interface. Debit and credit cards, bank notes and the AGROLA customer card are accepted as means of payment by the terminal.

Software Complements the Performance Spectrum
The platform-independent and web-based management software HecPoll complements the performance range and conveys the data from the petrol station to the office: Transactions are displayed while it is possible to manage master data and issue analyses. In order to complete the solution portfolio the monitoring software PetroLine also allows for efficient petrol station management. With the help of real-time surveillance the stations and terminals can be monitored at any time. Via tablet, smarthpone or laptop each warning or error message of the terminals can be retrieved, analysed online and evaluated. Thus, the petrol station operator is informed about the current status at any time from anywhere and can react without delay in an emergency.

Trusting Cooperation
“We thank AGROLA AG for the trust in our quality products and are happy that we may accompany the modernisation process of the AGROLA petrol stations in Switzerland,” states Stefan Forster, Managing Director of Hectronic Group. The smart petrol station management opens up new possibilities with respect to economic efficiency and user-friendliness. As a reliable partner Hectronic stands for solutions with added value and invests both into the development of new and practicable systems and into the further development of existing products in order to meet the high market and customer requirements. Our comprehensive after-sales service with support hotline, staff training and repair centre ensures quality at the highest level.