Digitise your fuel card!

Hectronic presents with their HecFuel App a possibility to authorise refuelling quickly and flexibly. The mobile solution for fleet and ring cards simplifies the filling process considerably. The refuelling process is accelerated in a user-friendly manner. The waiting times at the petrol station are reduced and the throughput is increased. Additionally, the customer benefits from a customer-specific look & feel of the app, a digital fuel receipt (incl. history) and individual function enhancements.

Actions instead of words: A successful customer project has already been realised. Since the end of November 2017, the BayWa fuel cards app has been available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store. At around 100 filling stations throughout the entire BayWa network, fuel card holders can use the app as an authorisation device. The Group has therefore created a unique selling proposition. At present, there is no other company in Germany offering a similar solution for the entire network.

“Our goal was to simplify the refuelling process.  Users should be able to start the tanking process comfortably from their car with the app and no longer with the tanking card at the fuel terminal card reader. We have succeeded in doing this”, says Sven Stottmeier, DACH Sales Manager at Hectronic.

Together with BayWa AG, the UNITI Cards- und Automations- Forum in Hamburg was able to present the already implemented Fuel Card 4.0 project, which was successfully implemented in just 9 months. Before going live, the app was thoroughly tested externally by means of a PEN test and therefore complies with the latest security requirements.

The HecFuel app is easy and intuitive to use. To see for yourself, you can now download the demo version of our white label solution. Available as Android and iOS version.


Get our HecFuel App on the Apple App and Google Play Store.