Eco-Line – Fuel Station Management for the Fuels of the Future

The currently changing requirements of the market have prompted Hectronic to address the topic of refuelling with alternative fuels. International and national political guidelines on the reduction of CO2 emissions involve a more colorful mix of fuels at the fuel station. Of course, nobody currently knows if CNG, LNG, E-fuels or electricity will prevail in the long run. For customers of Hectronic, however, this is insignificant. “We assume that the future of mobility will consist of a mix of these possibilities. This is why we offer solutions for any kind of mobility, no matter if with diesel and petrol or with alternative fuels and electricity”, states Jens Vogel, Business Development Manager.


Especially for these requirements Hectronic stocks the HecVision Eco that excels by its easy, secure and reliable processing of the payment and authorization process. Meanwhile, more than 50 LNG terminals have been in operation, with numerous further enquiries in their project planning stage. The increasing success of electromobility is also reflected by the fact that the models Heconomy and HecFleet now also allow the authorization of charging processes.


Have a look yourself … Here you can watch the video that shows our solutions for the fuels of the future!