Joint success in Poland

On October 1, a new parking zone was inaugurated in Łódź – one of the largest cities in Poland. We are proud that our Citea parking machines are part of the project.
During the public tender process, Indigo Poland (part of the Indigo Group) was selected as supplier and operator. The Indigo Group, which has decades of experience in parking management, chose our Citea parking machines. With its reliability and modern functionality, the Citea meets all requirements set by the city of Łódź.

A large touch screen, card readers (also contactless), PIN code entry as well as a barcode/QR code reader for resident cards: the Citea offers a variety of payment and authorization solutions.
The power supply of our parking machine is provided by a large solar panel and a high-performance battery, which guarantee long and uninterrupted operation. The Hectronic CityLine management solution is used to operate and manage the parking machine network. Due to our cloud solution, it was not necessary to build an expensive hardware infrastructure. Additionally, as part of our SaaS package we also take care of software updates and ensure the highest data security standards.

440 Citea parking terminals have already been installed and commissioned in Łódź by Indigo Polska together with Hectronic. A total of up to 660 devices are going to be installed.