First hydrogen filling station in Poland

Hectronic Systems for NESO Hydrogen Stations - A Milestone on the Way to Green Transportation

Poland's first publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling station has recently been installed in Warsaw. The station was built by Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK and provides one dispenser (700 bar pressure) bar for hydrogen cars and one dispenser (350 bar pressure) for hydrogen buses.

HecVision: The terminal for alternative fuels
The entire authorization process for refuelling hydrogen at the NESO station is managed by our HecVision terminal. With the HecVision you can operate an unmanned filling station for alternative fuels around the clock while ensuring all aspects of security.

The HecVision allows drivers to refuel with hydrogen using their NESO fleet cards as well as publicly available payment cards. In addition, any NESO fleet card holder can refuel at the station using the Hectronic easy2fuel app, which we customized for this project in terms of design and hydrogen refuelling processes. The app is made available to drivers in Google Play and the Apple App store under the name "Neso Stations".

With easy2fuel, the fleet card is transferred to the smartphone and users can refuel faster and more conveniently at NESO stations. The app searches for a station and guides the driver, simplifying the refuelling process and allowing you to view a list of all fuel purchases made at the station on your phone screen.

The advantages of our solution at a glance:

  • Easy to use: An intuitive user interface designed specifically for hydrogen refuelling makes using the HecVision terminal easy and accessible for any driver.
  • Safety: The refuelling process is designed to meet all applicable hydrogen refuelling procedures.
  • Speed and efficiency: Hydrogen refuelling with the HecVision terminal speeds up the process of servicing vehicles and minimizes waiting time
  • Secure payment: Certified payment solutions ensure the security of every transaction.
  • Modern payment solutions: the easy2fuel app allows refuelling via mobile phone in line with market trends and enhanced customer convenience.

Why hydrogen?
Hydrogen is one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy. This makes hydrogen an increasingly attractive fuel for transportation. Its main advantage is the emission of clean water as the only by-product of combustion.  As a result, investment in hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is becoming a priority for cities seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Neso hydrogen station in Warsaw is an important commitment to the development of a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Poland and thus a milestone in the fight against global warming and the improvement of air quality. At Hectronic, we are happy to be able to contribute to such a lighthouse project that will significantly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and improve the quality of life for current and future generations.