Forward Roll with HecVision Eco

The HecVision Eco standing unit now allows to integrate the largest thermal paper roll currently available on the market. With more than 600 metres of paper, the HecVision Eco surpasses the previous number one by lengths – more specifically by almost 200 metres! The benefits are obvious: a lower frequency of the exchange schedule facilitates the job for employees, and the fuel terminals are longer in operation. The separate and easily accessible paper tray allows for a convenient change of rolls.

But the HecVision Eco has more advantages to offer: It contains proven technology supplemented by state-of-the-art functions – especially designed for the requirements of filling stations with alternative fuels (e.g. ethanol, electricity, eFuels, hydrogen, LNG, CNG). With all these technical advantages the HecVision Eco still features maximum flexibility. It is easy to integrate into existing filling station structures allowing customized solutions for alternative fuels.