Good News from Scandinavia – new machines for Stockholm

Sweden is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world and is always striving to be at the cutting edge of technology. With around 10 million inhabitants and thousands of visitors every day, its cities in particular are faced with the challenge of making parking space management as efficient as possible.

The municipal company „Stockholm Parking“ accepts this challenge and has already created 65,800 parking spaces on 1,372 parking areas. In search of additional parking ticket machines, they decided in favour of Hectronic. Together with sales partner Modulsystem Sweden AB, we received the order for 330 machines with the Hectronic brand Citea. Delivery is slated to be carried out in stages until January 2019.

The predominantly solar-powered machines are very conveniently operated via touchscreen. It is also advantageous to the user in that, by entering the number plate, only the actual amount of parking time is calculated. Payment is made by card via chip, PIN or contactless methods. By foregoing cash, the city is truly taking a cost-effective approach. Emptying the machines takes a lot of time and personnel; this is no longer necessary. It is also worth noting that the machine does not have a printer built into it. This means that the receipt is only sent digitally via e-mail or SMS.