Great commitment – Hectronic trainees adopt a sponsorship for a girl in India

For many years Hectronic has been supporting the relief organisation GandhiCare.This organisation is actively engaged to build up training centres and camps near schools in India to permit a positive future to girls and boys in need.

Worldwide, millions of children have no access to education. An apprenticeship, as we know in Germany, doesn´t exist in many countries. This awareness motivated our trainees to act by themselves. Together they adopted a sponsorship for a 10 years old girl in order to give her the possibility for regular school attendance.

The trainees told us: “For each of us it´s just a small amount we have to pay every month, but for children in India this financial help is a really good start for a better future. They are able to attend school and have a chance for an apprenticeship.”

We are very proud of our trainees and their brilliant commitment.

Do you also want to help?