HecFuel App as a Digital Solution for Mobile Payment now also in Austria

Quicker and easier fuelling processes for the customers and a comprehensive overview of transactions with administrative function. These were the clear goals of the Austrian „UNSER LAGERHAUS“ Warenhandelsges. m.b.H. for 2019. With over 20 full-service petrol stations in Carinthia and Tyrol “UNSER LAGERHAUS” is a reliable partner in energy matters for its customers. In order to offer its customers real added value in the future and to meet the challenges in the market with a digital solution “UNSER LAGERHAUS” once again opted for the expertise of Hectronic. Equipped with the cash register system HecPos-T the decision to digitize the physical fuel card in cooperation with the trustworthy partner Hectronic was an easy one.

As a white-label solution for mobile payment the HecFuel App is the perfect option for the digitization of physical fuel cards. So far more than 80% of the “UNSER LAGERHAUS” fuel cards have been digitized and are now conveniently available as an app on the smartphone. The customers can complete the fuelling process by cashless payment, thus preventing the wear or loss of fuel cards. HecFuel accelerates the authorization and fuelling process for the customer. The easy operation intuitively guides the user through the authorization process.

The functional principle is easy to explain. First of all, the user selects the respective petrol station and fuel pump from a list or, alternatively, by GPS function. Next, the user is identified by PIN or finger print and authorized for the further steps. Optionally, the mileage can also be recorded with every fuelling process. At unmanned petrol stations it is possible to resume the trip immediately upon refuelling the vehicle as the payment is conveniently made by app from the car. In classic full service petrol stations the customer can first stroll through the shop as usual and then make the payment at the cash desk by means of a QR-Code displayed in the app. The petrol receipts are digitally archived by the app, can thus be seen at any time and, e.g., be forwarded by e-mail via the share function.

The settlement is made by the means of payment specified in the web-based software PayLine. As an interface for the user and rights administration the tool helps the petrol station operator to keep an eye on all transactions around the clock. Overviews, evaluations and an archive of all transactions round off the functional scope of the web-based administration tool PayLine.

“UNSER LAGERHAUS” has opted for the customized variant HecFuel Flex. As opposed to the starter version HecFuel Base the CI-specifications could be integrated into the design, providing the new digital Lagerhaus|Card with a high recognition value as an app variant. Since the beginning of 2019 the new payment app has been used for 13 full service petrol stations with shop and 7 unmanned petrol stations. Not only the fuelling processs but also the purchases in the shop can be made by means of the app.

“I am very happy that we could convince the customer “UNSER LAGERHAUS” by our solutions. Currently, we are already discussing an extension of the functional scope of the app to realise further benefits for the end customer.” Marc Griesshaber, Product Manager Payment Group Hectronic GmbH

If you want to have a look yourself you can easily download the HecFuel App via the Google Play Store or App Store, register within the app under the test name “Hectronic”, log in and subsequently start the test.


Our HecFuel App is available on the Apple App and Google Play Store.