HecSpot Installation Solves Precarious Parking Space Situation in Interlaken

Parking space is scarce, especially in urban areas. Searching for a parking space can often be annoying. Municipalities face the challenge to solve this precarious situation and the resulting traffic problems. With HecSpot, Hectronic’s cloud-based system for parking space surveillance, the problem is solved. The system provides real-time information about the parking space occupancy and valuable forecasts of the use of parking space to be expected. It is possible to both avoid traffic problems resulting from the overload of parking space and reduce search traffic in general.

The functional principle is easy to explain: Surveillance cameras or sensors generate the database by sending snapshots to a cloud-based server following a customized picture interval. By means of an algorithm the data are processed on this server and transmitted to our management software CityLine. Free and occupied parking spaces are identified and the parking time is shown. By means of different statistical methods it is possible to evaluate utilization, parking time and incoming as well as outgoing vehicles based on the given situation. And there’s more to it than that! Hectronic allows the data communication with any third-party systems visualizing the occupancy status. Feasible are parking space information signs, guidance systems or apps navigating to free parking spaces. The customer can thus be offered a customized solution.

HecSpot has been utilized successfully in Interlaken, a well-known and popular tourist destination in Switzerland. The city had been searching for a solution of the frequent traffic problems occurring at its busy coach parking area resulting from a limited number of spaces, an insufficient shunting area and the inconvenient access at the end of a long one-way road. In the end Hectronic’s HecSpot proved to be the convincing solution. Two GSM-cameras for 13 coach parking spaces and an interface to a temporary prohibition sign were installed. If all spaces are occupied the LED-signal lights up and signals the bus driver at an early stage to avoid the car park.

The close cooperation between Interlaken and Hectronic resulted in the best possible solution for the customer with regard to the requirements. Potential camera positions were tested in advance to define the positioning of the LED-display. The installation of the cameras and display was quickly accomplished within one morning. The setup of CityLine was performed in parallel, and HecSpot could be put into operation immediately. Today, Interlaken profits from a significantly more relaxed parking situation. Furthermore, the parking space management and surveillance could be optimized. A comparison of the information from the Citea parking ticket machine and from the camera determines which users have exceeded the parking time or do not even have a valid ticket. This information is available to the controlling bodies in real-time on the smartphone. Respective punishments can be initiated and recorded immediately.

„HecSpot from Hectronic has already convinced us during the first weeks of live operation. The installation and setting up was quick and easy without problems. HecSpot and the parking ticket machine Citea form a good combination. The traffic situation at the coach parking area has eased considerably. Due to the consistently positive experience we are considering to equip further car parks with the innovative system.” Hans Peter Bühlmann, Municipality of Interlaken