HecStar goes into operation in the Swiss Alps – installation in record time!

31 filling stations of the Swiss oil company Combustia in the skiers’ paradise of Valais have been equipped with HecStar fuel terminals. The simultaneous installation of a Hectronic software package and the connection of the complete system to the interface of the existing payment system was completed in less than two months. All of this was implemented in record time and without any failures, thanks to careful planning and organisation by both parties!

The HecStar fuel terminal guarantees smooth and reliable operation of all refuelling stations in 24-hour operation. The integrated credit card terminal with its large display and NFC capability accepts not only credit cards, but also Combustia-RFID customer cards. The Hectronic software package completes the system perfectly. Thanks to the PetroLine monitoring software, it is possible to monitor the machines in real time via tablet, smartphone or laptop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All data is collected using the HecPoll software, the control centre. The software enables the definition of key data (for example cost centres or customer cards) and other important parameters (such as refuelling data or tariffs) as well as the analysis of data for process optimisation. This ensures reliable operation in a state-of-the-art and customer-friendly manner. And this is not only in the lowlands, but also in the alpine valleys up to 1600 metres above sea level!