Hectronic and Aral Extend Supply Contract

Successful Collaboration for almost a quarter century

We have been delivering a smart tank content management solution to Aral AG for many years. Floatless OptiLevel probes are in use throughout the entire German network, consisting of roughly 2,450 service stations. In addition, new and updated stations have also been equipped with Hectronic systems. Aral recently decided to extend its existing contract with us once again.

“We are very happy about the extended contract and the trust it shows in the quality of our products and delivery capabilities. Our positive partnership and collaboration with BP has been going on for many years. We are proud to continue partnering with Aral in the future as well,” says Robert Mazuga, Head of International Sales.

“OptiLevel systems are innovative and modern. They also impressed us with their good reliability, easy installation and handling, and long service lives,” adds Volker Kirschnick, specialist responsible for purchasing service station equipment at Aral.

Aral Company Profile

With roughly 2,450 service stations, Aral is the largest provider in Germany, Europe’s largest gas station market. The quality provider of fuels and lubricants has been headquartered in Bochum since 1898 and invented the world’s first super fuel in 1924, composed of aromatic compounds and aliphates – inspiring the company name “Aral.” Aral has served as BP’s gas station brand in Germany since 2002.