Hectronic digitises the BayWa fuel card for LNG stations

The next step on the way to the complete digitalisation of BayWa Mobility Solutions’ fuel card business: in future, truck drivers will be able to pay for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) using the BayWa app at the energy company’s LNG stations. This is made possible by the easy2fuel ConSy mobile payment platform from Hectronic, which can be used to digitise all payment transactions with the physical fuel card. For this purpose, Hectronic has transferred all steps required for refuelling with liquid natural gas from the fuel terminal to the app:

At the beginning of the authorisation process, the driver confirms that he has completed the safety training. If he has not, the app first shows the prescribed safety video. Then the driver selects truck model and pressure. The dispensing temperature for LNG is automatically transmitted to the dispensing point. Optionally, the trucker can enter the current mileage and authorise the refuelling via PIN or fingerprint. After successful online authorisation, the fuel pump is released. Once the truck driver has finished filling up, he receives the receipt on his smartphone. The pilot phase at BayWa filling stations has been running since November 2021, and the new function should be available to all customers in the app at the beginning of 2022. Once the pilot phase at the company’s own sites is complete, Hectronic will also implement cross-acceptances that BayWa Mobility Solutions has agreed with other operators of LNG stations. In the course of this, Hectronic is expanding its partnerships with other fuel terminal manufacturers who can accept the payment app through a connection to the easy2fuel ConSy.

Also currently in the works is the digitalisation of the BayWa charging card. Hectronic has thus transferred all physical fuel and charging card variants of BayWa Mobility Solutions to the app and offers fleet customers absolute added value through a quick and easy payment process for all types of fuel and electricity.