Hectronic Equips Petrol Stations in Spain with HecFleet Fuel Terminals for AS 24

The Spanish forwarding company Gexa operates a highly frequented petrol station in Oiartzun, a town in northern Spain near the French border. Due to the petrol station’s strategic location in one of the most important freight transport sectors between southern and northern Europe the 20 fuel pumps in 10 lanes are not only used for their own fleet but are open to the passing heavy-duty traffic. In cooperation with Gexa, AS 24, a European partner for transport professionals developing a truck-dedicated network and associated digital and tolls services, seized the opportunity to extend its Europe-wide petrol station network by a further station. For this purpose, the Gexa station was equipped with five HecFleet Fuel Terminals from Hectronic on behalf of AS 24.

The machines in the robust stand-alone housing with characteristic blue AS 24 design are connected to the existing fuel pump infrastructure and now accept the AS 24 fuel card. HecFleet processes the AS 24/Eurotafic fleet card based on an EMV chip allowing transaction with high level of security. The fuel pumps are controlled by the Alvic cash register system at the petrol station’s point of sale. The HecFleet fuel terminals were integrated via interface so that the administration of the fuel terminals can also be realized by the petrol station’s existing cash register system. With the low-maintenance piezo keyboard the operation of the machine is extremely user-friendly while data security is guaranteed. Due to the use of MPD (multi product dispenser) fuel pumps not only Diesel and AdBlue can be refuelled but also heating oil – making it necessary to specially adapt the fuel terminals in this project. With the extension in the Hectronic POS Partyline protocol a two-step pump selection is now possible during the authorization process. In this way, the driver can not only select the fuel pump to be used but, in a second step, also the respective fuel. Both for the petrol station operator Gexa with its existing cash register system from Alvic and for AS 24 the state-of-the-art technology and the comprehensive integration options allow for a suitable systems solution that perfectly adapts to circumstances and customer requirements.

“For the integration of our AS 24 fuel card into the existing petrol station infrastructure and therefore the extension of our petrol station network it is decisive to keep an eye on all requirements of the different user groups and to offer a customized solution. In such a situation it is good to have a reliable and committed partner like Hectronic at our side.”- Laurent Pouts Saint Germé, Affiliate Director, AS 24 Spain.