Hectronic invests in the future

Hectronic is growing and it’s starting to get cramped. The reason is an entirely positive business development combined with the new digital world that is now going to involve spatial and structural changes. Anyone, who believes that digitalisation causes workplaces to shrink, is wrong. In order to be able to keep pace with the topic of digitalisation, relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, a major rethink is necessary. Reorganisations are on the agenda – that requires specialists and they again need space.

Planned long beforehand and meanwhile approved, the conversion is to be carried out at the Bonndorf site in three construction phases in all. Altogether 1.3 million euro are being invested in the construction project – an investment in the future!
In construction phase 1 existing workplaces will be adapted to internal processes to optimise work sequences. That creates shorter communication channels! An initial “moving chairs” has already started. The second construction phase is planned for 2018. This foresees the extension of the administration building to include a third floor, in which new, modern workplaces are to be created. Participants in training sessions can look forward in future to fully equipped training rooms in a further part of the newly won area. The latest state of the art technology will be used here. In the course of the third construction phase the building will be expanded to include a canteen. Connecting the canteen to the outdoor area with garden was very important to the management. The staff particularly enjoy using this in the summer, which is also to be maintained. Hectronic sees the canteen as being an important instrument in promoting staff loyalty. A canteen should not only provide food but also connect. This applies equally to training participants who can spend their lunch break in the company. In addition, the canteen can be seen as motivation for workers to relocate their workplace to the Black Forest.

We look forward to Hectronic 4.0 and will be happy to keep you up to date on the changes.