Hectronic prepares for the future

After a record-breaking construction period of eight months Hectronic can now look back on the successful termination of the construction project at the headquarters in Bonndorf. A total of € 1.5 Mio. were invested to meet the future requirements and structural adjustments. With success!

The entirely positive business development in connection with the new digital world demanded action and both spatial and structural adjustments. For this reason another storey was added to the main building, providing space for 20 new attractive workplaces on 300 m². Further 150 m² of new training and conference rooms with state-of-the-art media technology have been created. Apart from the new building existing offices were also refurbished and adapted to the new structures. In this way work processes were optimized to ensure short communcation channels.

Another eye-catcher is the new canteen in an extension of the building. The outdated flair of the old canteen is now a matter of the past. Bright and friendly rooms meet modern design and invite to stay. The “Papperla-PUB”, as the canteen has been named, is run by Susanne Pluhatsch’s business “PluCatering”.

“I was glad to find PluCatering, a partner placing great emphasis on fresh cuisine prepared on site. For us it was essential to turn the ‘Papperla-Pub’ not just into a place to grab a quick lunch. The ‘Papperla-PUB’ is meant to provide its guests the opportunity to talk and relax in a pleasant atmosphere away from the workplace. I think we have achieved that!” – Eckhard Fechtig, Managing Director Hectronic

In order to better use the canteen’s capacity we decided, together with PluCatering, to make the “Papperla-PUB” accessible to the public. From Monday to Friday a wide range of dishes is available for anybody who is hungry. From 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning sandwiches, pretzels, croissants and other tasty treats are offered. Between 11:30 and 13:30 the lunchtime menu is available.

Both the new offices and training rooms and the canteen have already be opened ceremoniously. The “Papperla-PUB” was presented to the public during a “jazz-apero”. Anne Czichowsky & Michael Bucher had an enthusiastic audience at this house concert!