Hectronic Sales Conference 4.0 in Warsaw – professional exchange in the city of breath-taking contrasts

Terms like Industry 4.0, digitalisation and the Internet of Things are discussed often. But what do they have to do with the new fourth industrial revolution and how can they be connected with the solutions offered by Hectronic? What kinds of opportunities and challenges does the Internet of Things offer? We fielded these questions and placed them at the centre of our Sales Conference 2017 to which we extended invites for 21 – 23 September in Warsaw – another joint event for all Hectronic business units (parking/refuelling/sensors).

The aim of the event is both the personal and professional exchange with our sales partners and customers. It is important to us to actively incorporate them into development processes for tailored, optimal solutions from the very beginning. On the professional level, lectures and workshops at the highest level took place during the first two conference days.

Whoever still thinks that modern parking space and refuelling management have little to do with one another is confused. Two selected external speakers showed that the areas are sometimes more closely related than at first glance. Both the start-up company Parquery and the major corporation SAP focused on forward-thinking solutions that are applicable across divisions. An international audience of around 130 people listened closely and the questions showed that the presentations stimulated new ways of thinking.

Hectronic is also able to keep up with the times and was able to present several new solutions that allow customers to shape the future more efficiently and easily. This included, for example, the payment app in the area of refuelling or the new camera-based parking space management system. Much has happened in the areas of “big data” and “software as a service.”

The lecture and workshop programme was rounded off by the success stories of our sales partners who reported on their successfully implemented projects with Hectronic solutions. Exceptional projects and accomplishments are rewarded. To demonstrate appreciation, a gala dinner took place on the evening of the first conference day where our “Partner of the Year” was selected in a ceremonious atmosphere. In the area of parking, the company Rauwers from Belgium received the trophy. The company was especially excited, as it was their second time being awarded Partner of the Year. In refuelling, the Diyar United Company from the United Arab Emirates accepted the award. Stefan Forster, CEO of Hectronic, thanked the both of them for their successful and quality cooperation and expressed his congratulations to them.

The perfect end to the conference was a city tour together in which participants learned more about the cultural, economic, as well as political centre of Poland on foot. After refreshments at a Polish brewery, participants said their goodbyes.

We look back at a very successful and fruitful conference of which we enjoy being reminded. We look forward to next time!