Hectronic Starts off into the Digital Future with New Company Division

Our fast-moving market requires the permanent evolution of Hectronic from a manufacturer of hardware and software products to a complete solutions provider of digital technologies. For this very reason the management of Hectronic established the new company division “Digital Solutions” on 01 July 2019.

Currently, the team of six employees led by division manager Sven Stottmeier is working successfully in the areas of mobile payment as well as hosting and routing of fleet cards. The goal is to make all payment and authorization processes at petrol stations more efficient and secure for all parties concerned. Digital and intelligent payment systems and marketing tools create real added value for the customer. As an example, by means of the mobile payment system HecFuel fuelling and authorization processes can be simplified for the petrol station operator and, thanks to the user-friendly app, accelerated for the end customer. The software service FleetNet, however, not only allows online authorisation at the point of sale but also the secure acceptance of major fleet cards.

“In order to meet the requirements of an ever more dynamic market and to be able to offer our customers first-class digital solutions the new unit “Digital Solutions” is groundbreaking for Hectronic.” – Sven Stottmeier, Head of Company Division “Digital Solutions”

The new company division “Digital Solutions” is aligned with the existing structure, but its startup character is supposed to make it a driving force for digital innovation. With its products and solutions Hectronic stands for excellent quality and the claim to be as close to the customer as possible. Our further activities in a digital environment shall also be based on this approach. By means of dynamic and interdisciplinary ways of working and the freedom to implement ideas creatively it shall be possible to react even more flexibly to market changes. The modern workspaces on the second floor of the headquarters in Bonndorf are also beneficial. Early this year the comprehenisve structural modifications were successfully completed and the new spatial concept was filled with life. The open-space office provides a wide range of working areas for more creativity. From retreats for concentrated work at individual workstations to manifold meeting areas allowing for easy communication and lively exchange in the team. The best preconditions to strike new paths with courage and pleasure in experimentation in order to launch innovative digital products. The new company division “Digital Solutions” shall create a dynamic to push the boundaries, thus developing a successful digital strategy of the Hectronic GmbH.


Our HecFuel App is available on the Apple App and Google Play Store.