HecVision Eco for Fuels of the Future

With HecVision Eco we have launched a solution that allows for the 24-hour operation of stations with alternative fuels. During the concept phase, however, we had to take into account the special requirements to the refuelling of alternative fuels. In case of LNG (liquid natural gas) this includes an authorization process during which the truck driver, after reading the safey instructions, confirms by finger pressure on the display that he has attended the required safety training for LNG.

The vehicle selection is also part of the authorization process, as the temperature and pressure of the fuelling depends on the manufacturer of the heavy goods vehicle. Due to the interface between the fuel terminal and the plant control the LNG system knows, upon entering this information into HecVision Eco, how the respective truck model has to be fuelled. It is also possible for the driver to select the desired percentage of a bio-LNG-admixture via display. This information is recorded in the fuelling data set for the back office and listed on the receipt for the forwarding company.

Ten companies with a total of 30 LNG filling stations already use our LNG terminals. A similar number of stations will probably follow in 2021. A major customer is LIQUIND 24/7 that has been setting up a comprehensive network of LNG filling stations all over Germany since 2015. Eight locations have been equipped with our fuel terminals, six more are to follow in 2021. As of 2021, payment will be possible via the app easy2fuel (developed by us) that transfers the functionalities of the fuel terminal to the smartphone, thus offering an alternative to the control via the display of HecVision Eco. „Since setting up our first filling station we have been cooperating with Hectronic because, as a market leader, the company is most experienced in the area of LNG fuel terminals“, explains Philip Maximilian Braunschweig, Head of Company Development at LIQUIND 24/7.