How we are saving energy in production

Through a series of small measures, we were able to achieve significant energy savings in the last quarter. This was made possible by the EcoDesign concept that we have been implementing at Hectronic for over 10 years. Even during the current energy crisis, we were able to rely on our proven concept and quickly respond with additional savings.

EcoDesign examines the entire product life cycle, from raw materials, production, distribution, use to recycling with the goal to realize an intelligent use of available resources. Regular energy audits and assessments form the basis for continuous improvement of products and processes.

In the last quarter, we focused on measures that could be effectively and quickly implemented in collaboration with our employees. The result was a reduction in electricity consumption of approximately 15% compared to the same quarter last year! This impressive result was achieved through various small adjustments such as the consistent use of LEDs, avoiding standby mode, or turning off unnecessary lighting.

We are currently pursuing structural improvements and can already anticipate further significant potential for savings in this area. We will share more information about our measures soon, which are carried out by our Chief Quality Officer and newly appointed "Mr. Energy" Tobias Maier. EcoDesign is the guiding principle of our green approach!