Johannesburg Airport relies on fuelling technology by Hectronic

Together with our long-standing and reliable sales partners LAS (Liquid Automation Systems) from South Africa, we were recently able to modernise the management of the vehicle fleet at “OR Tambo International Airport” in Johannesburg. Thanks to the fantastic commitment and technical expertise of Keith Newton (Technical Manager at LAS), the modernisation process was carried out smoothly and on target.

The filling station professional, Heconomy, were put into action. From now on several fuel terminals by this brand adorn the picture of the cargo terminals at the airport. Supported by automatic vehicle recognition PetroPoint, approximately 500 vehicles from South African Airways feel the benefit of smooth pump procedures. Particularly noteworthy here is the self-destructing feature of this system which effectively protects against tampering and theft. The advantages are obvious – more transparency and an exact usage record are guaranteed. In addition, the data transfer from Heconomy can be easily integrated into the airport’s finance system. The flawless operation of the robust machines as well as low maintenance has resulted in a completely satisfied customer. South African Airways happily enhance how impressed they are by the solutions provided and the respective uses for their organisation.

In addition, it is very pleasing that there have already been some initial discussions regarding an extension of the realised company filling station solution with regard to Hectronic OptiLevel level measuring probes. Mcunu Xolani (Sales Director at LAS) and Robert Mazuga (Sales Director refuelling ROW Hectronic) are very happy to have acquired the airport as a customer and they look forward to further successful collaboration with them.