Charging as easy as refueling

The newly opened SCORE filling station in Leer (East Frisia) sets new standards in terms of sustainability - even a PV system was installed to provide green electricity for the existing charging stations. In addition to three DC and four AC charging points, our HecVision terminal is also part of the charging infrastructure.

With the HecVision, customers can simply "fill up" with electricity in the same way as with gasoline or AdBlue, for example. No charging cards or special apps are needed, a debit or credit card is sufficient! The barrier-free and user-friendly payment options are thus naturally in line with the upcoming charging station ordinance.

In addition to providing a payment and authorization system, Hectronic was also involved in the implementation of the entire charging infrastructure. A complete integration of a charging infrastructure into a service station infrastructure requires a lot of coordination and we were pleased to be able to support here as an "integrative force". Many thanks to our colleagues Patrick and Frank, who did a super job!