E-Mobility project right on the doorstep

Charging stations in company parking lots require flexible payment and authorization options. This is especially important when companies make their own charging infrastructure accessible to the public. We have developed a solution architecture for this challenge and are very happy to announce that our system is also being used in the charging park of our neighboring company, Dunkermotoren.

Dunkermotoren provides eight charging points for the public, employees, and visitors. Charging sessions can be easily paid for with debit and credit cards, in compliance with the upcoming German charging column regulation. Memberships or apps are not required to start the charging process. In addition to the publicly accessible charging park, there are four more charging points for service and pool vehicles in the company’s parking deck. Hectronic also handles the necessary authorization here. We congratulate Dunkermotoren on this contribution to the mobility transformation (with a main part of the electricity coming from their in-house photovoltaic system!).