LNG-Refuellings now also Possible by Payment App easy2fuel

From fuel terminal to smartphone – for three years now car drivers have been able to pay for their refuellings by the free app easy2fuel rather than at the terminal. As of now, this is also possible for truck drivers who want to refuel LNG (liquefied natural gas) at a station equipped with a HecVision Eco from Hectronic. For this purpose, Hectronic Digital Solutions has transferred the authorization and payment process from the fuel terminal into the app, thus offering an alternative solution to operating via the HecVision Eco touch display.

First, the truck driver selects the respective fuel pump. Unlike with the refuelling solution for conventional fuels this is followed by the prescribed security prompt and vehicle selection. In this way, the fuel pump knows via an interface at which pressure and temperature LNG is to be delivered. Now, all the driver has to do is authorize the refuelling by entering a PIN or by fingerprint. The settlement is made by the means of payment stored in the administrative tool ConSy, e.g. a debit, credit or fleet card. If the tank is filled with the desired amount of LNG the customer can directly resume the journey without the need to go to the terminal. The app stores all receipts, so they are easy to find again at any time via a history view. In addition, the receipt can be transferred to the accounting department of the company by the “share” function.

easy2fuel is equally suitable for single petrol stations and petrol station networks, for small and large fleets as well as for alternative fuels such as hydrogen, LNG, CNG (compressed natural gas) and charging stations. Low investment costs and quick availability facilitate the entry. Hectronic Digital Solutions can create a customized app by adapting it to the specific customer requirements and individualizing it by integrating a corporate design. Furthermore, easy2fuel allows users to locate stations, record the mileage and assign it to the fuelling process.

After supporting Hectronic during the development of the LNG-function LIQUIND 24/7 is among the first LNG-fuel station operators that want to offer their customers the convenient and simple payment process via the easy2fuel app. The company was founded in 2015 and already operates eight locations all over Germany that are equipped with fuel terminals of the manufacturer from Bonndorf. In 2021, at least six more are to follow. It is planned to use easy2fuel from the beginning of 2021.