Looking back at our Digital Solution Day: Airplane Refuelling and More by App

Quick and easy payment is also the goal of Ralf Thormann and Daniel Steinhauß, founders and managing directors of aeroPS – not just at the classic street filling station, but at airports and airfields. With their app, pilots can not only pay their landing, starting and parking fees but also for the fuel of their airplanes by smartphone without the need to process this in a cumbersome and time-consuming manner via the flight control. Since this year it has been possible to use aeroPS with the fuel terminals of Hectronic. “The platform and the well-documented interfaces that Hectronic has created here are simple and faultless.

It did not even take one month to connect our solution. We liked that very much”, explained the managing directors of the company from Dresden. This is especially important with start-ups such as aeroPS where solutions need to be implemented fast and without frictional and communicational losses.

Meanwhile, more than 10,000 pilots use the app at appr. 220 sites in Europe.

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