Meet us at the Uniti Expo in Stuttgart!

For a preview, read our interview with our colleague Jens Vogel, in which he discusses our solutions for alternative fuels, e-mobility and digital platforms.


What are your expectations for UNITI expo 2022?

As a provider of authorisation and payment systems for alternative fuels such as LNG, hydrogen and electricity, we are looking forward to exchanging ideas with other companies from the industry, for example plant manufacturers and companies interested in expanding their infrastructure for alternative fuels. We also want to present our product innovations for alternative fuels. Digital solutions in particular play a major role for us – for example our Saas solutions as well as our mobile payment platform and app solutions. We are already looking forward to the industry feedback!


What is your focus in the area of alternative fuels?

Our terminals for payment and authorisation are highly flexible and can be used with CNG, LNG, hydrogen as well as electricity. Mixed operation of different energy sources is also no problem. We also offer updates that can be used to make existing terminals fit for charging with electricity. With the easy2fuel platform, we support providers of alternative fuels in bringing digital solutions to their stations – whether mobile payment or digital fleet cards. Our digital solutions are module-based and can be adapted to different customer needs.


To what extent have Hectronic’s fuelling systems been adapted to the requirements of alternative fuels?

Each alternative fuel requires specific operating procedures and corresponding safety instructions. These are subject to constant changes and legal regulations, to which we react with foresight. We developed our HecVision Eco terminal out of this necessity: Releasing different fuels and providing different procedures in one terminal. Of course, our digital solutions are also adapted to the specific operating and authorisation processes. Through new modules, for example, our easy2fuel app is ready for alternative fuels and electricity.


Which aspects had to be given special attention?

Hectronic has many years of experience in implementing secure payment standards such as the secure transmission of transactions. We are now bringing this know-how from the fleet card business to the world of electric charging. In addition, our solutions are characterised by a high degree of flexibility. With us, operators can integrate all forms of energy – whether alternative fuels such as LNG and hydrogen or electricity – into one authorisation and billing system. A single authorisation medium is all that is needed, regardless of the vehicle, the location or the form of energy. Tomorrow’s world will be a diverse energy mix with many different vehicles. We are ready to help operators reduce complexity and make processes as simple as possible.