New parking ticket generation for Graz

The decision has been made: Since roughly half of the 900 parking ticket machines have become outdated, they will be replaced. Starting in November, exactly 405 new machines are to be installed in the city centre of Graz. Hectronic’s sales partner, Gesig, put in a bid for the installation and maintenance of the equipment, and it was accepted; the company had already been responsible for the complete service of the system solution. It was decided to go with the Hectronic brand Citea for the selection of the model. Through a new payment function, above all, added value is to be created for the residents of Graz. Effective immediately, they have the opportunity to pay their parking ticket without cash and contacless, along with traditional coin payment. Either via credit or debit card in the appropriate slot or via NFC function at the respective window. If their smartphones have the NFC function activated, they can also be used to pay. Paying for a parking ticket in Graz is no problem at all!