OptiLevel probes gain extended OIML certification

The tried-and-tested OptiLevel HLS 6010 probes work according to the floatless comparison method developed by Hectronic, and do not have any moving parts. Therefore, the benefits lie in their longevity combined with minimal maintenance costs. We can now proudly announce that the existing OIML R85 certification was recently extended to probes of up to 6m.

Do you need to connect tanks bigger than 6 metres and up to 25 metres to the OptiLevel network? Perhaps for a fuel depot? No problem! We have added products to our portfolio accordingly so that it is possible to integrate external probes with 4-20mA interfaces. Only the OptiLevel probe adapter and gateways are required in conjunction with the Mineo Touch Controller. Our PetroLine ATG Cloud Service also allows you to view all tank data, including external probes, at any time, from anywhere.