Our Citea parking machine for the Ergo Arena in Gdańsk!

The Ergo Arena, which is located on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot and can accommodate up to 15,000 visitors, is one of the largest and most modern arenas in Poland. It hosts numerous sport events as well as concerts, exhibitions, conferences and trade fairs. As a result of the tender, WEIP Sp. Z.o. o. was selected as operator for visitor parking. WEIP Sp. z o.o., a company with many years of experience in commercial parking management, choose the Hectronic Parking Machine Citea, knowing that our equipment will meet all the requirements set by the customer. Additionally, an important element was the fast delivery and implementation time, which Hectronic fulfilled in an exemplary manner: on February 15, 2022 the car park was opened for visitors. The Ergo Arena car park has about 800 parking spaces and is operated by 15 Citea Parking Machines with touch screens. The parking machines can be used to pay with coins, a contactless payment card and BLIK – Poland’s most popular mobile payment solution. When purchasing a ticket, it is mandatory to enter the registration number so that payment can be verified online regardless of whether the driver leaves the ticket on the windscreen. The CityLine management software, which has been integrated with the enforcement system, is used to operate the Citea Parking Machines.