Over 400 “gentian blue” machines for Portugal’s pearl

Together with sales partner Soltráfego, we were able to celebrate winning the first of three tenders in Lisbon halfway through the year. A total of 404 “gentian blue” parking ticket machines will add even more shine to the city in future. More importantly, however, is that the customer`s parking facility management will be gradually optimised thanks to a connection to the web-based management system CityLine, which has favoured Hectronic parking technology for over 20 years. By now, around 700 Hectronic machines have been sent to Lisbon. This means that we are now even more excited about the trust gained in our services. The version that was chosen was the Citea Touch with PIN front. This allows the client to subsequently integrate a wide variety of readers. The roll-out will take place in three batches and the entire order volume should be ready by the end of October.