Payment App easy2fuel with New Functions

Faster fuelling processes for the customers while conveniently monitoring all transactions. All this is offered by the mobile payment solution easy2fuel. The easy operation intuitively guides the user through the authorization process. The functional principle of the payment app is easy to explain: Upon one-time registration the suitable petrol station is suggested to the user via GPS; alternatively, the user can select from a list. In the next step, they select the respective petrol station and fuel pump. Then, the user authorizes for the fuelling process by PIN or fingerprint. Optionally, the mileage can also be recorded with every fuelling process. At unmanned petrol stations it is possible to resume the trip immediately upon refuelling the vehicle as the payment is conveniently made by app from the car. In classic full service petrol stations the customer can first stroll through the shop as usual and then make the payment at the cash desk by means of a QR-Code displayed in the app. Direct payment by smartphone is also possible here. The petrol receipts are digitally archived by the app, can thus be seen at any time and, e.g., be forwarded by e-mail via the share function.

The functional scope of the app was extended by some features, e.g. the automatic mileage registration. In this way, the mileage need not be entered manually but can alternatively be registered easily by smartphone camera. easy2fuel thus provides abolutely precise data and is tamper-proof. Another new feature is the individual price management. Price advantages can be stored individually for each user and a defined period of time. Via the news register of the app the petrol station operator can provide information for the user, and by targeted push news the user is comprehensively informed about promotions and news in real time.