Petrol Station on Wheels – Underground Refuelling of Mining Equipment

The Indian branch office of Hectronic GmbH is considered as the expert for efficient petrol station management in mining. An industry in which unconventional and creative solutions are often needed to satisfy the high customer requirements. No problem for Hectronic India! The challenge to refuel mining equipment underground and simultaneously record the refuelling data at a central place was mastered easily. The result was a newly designed “tanker wagon”.

It contains the fuel terminal Heconomy Mobil customized for tanker applications and a GSM modem. The latter allows for the direct transmission of the refuelling data to the management software HecPoll. This mobile fuel station can be conveyed to the underground mine passages by means of rails and a lift. The mining machinery is equipped with the automatic vehicle recognition PetroPoint and can be refuelled several times a day at different stations in the mine. The crucial point, however, is that the data recognition simultaneously allows for efficient fuel management.

This solution which can revolutionise many mines was first applied on request of Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL). The company which operates in mining and the melting of metals has belonged to the loyal customer base of Hectronic India for seven years. Apart from the petrol station management solution of Hectronic which has successfully been implemented in several cases HZL in particular appreciates the excellent service in combination with individual customer solutions.

No less than three “tanker wagons” have been put to service in the HZL Zawar Mines and meet with great acclaim. The great customer satisfaction is also reflected by the commissioning of four further stations which will shortly go into operation.