Product Innovation for a Completely Cash- and Ticketless Parking Experience

The rapid development and increasing digitization of the parking industry together with increasing mobility needs require more and more customized solutions for stationary traffic. With the product innovation of the new parking machine CiteaPico Hectronic sets an impulse and the course for the future.

The parking machine CiteaPico in completely cash- and ticketless operation is a novelty on the market and allows for maximum flexibility. No matter if a new system is set up or an existing system is extended. Due to its compact design the new parking machine integrates well into the cityscape and is also more economic particularly in terms of operation. The energy saving and environmentally friendly machine can be operated with batteries charged by lateral solar panels. Furthermore, the flexible side panels can be individually coloured and easily adapted as a retrofit. The CiteaPico is equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology (4G-Modem). The design of the highly intuitive and robust 9”-touch display in vertical alignment offers clear and convenient operation. Cumbersome search for cash and long queueing at the parking machine is thus a matter of the past. Dispensing with cash and paper tickets at the parking machine ensures an extremely cost-efficient operation for the community. The time and personnel required for emptying and service drives is reduced to a minimum.

The functional principle is easy to explain: The license plate or, depending on the parking space, the parking bay number and the desired parking time are entered via touch screen. In cashless operation the machine is equipped with an integrated contactless payment module. By means of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology the data transmission is made by radio waves, without the cumbersome insertion of a debit or credit card. As soon as the display shows the due amount the card can be placed a few centimetres from the reading device. Card chip and reading device exchange the payment data needed for the transaction, and an acoustic or optical signal confirms the payment. Contactless payment is also feasible by smartphone or smartwatch via Apple Pay or Google Pay, and the parking ticket is paid for within seconds. In the end, the parking ticket can be sent in digital and paperless form by SMS or e-mail on request.

The cross-platform management software CityLine supplements the performance spectrum of the parking machine CiteaPico. The real-time surveillance of the machines ensures better responsiveness. The data of the parking machine are exactly analysed so that CityLine supplies valuable indicators for tariff design and development